T-Shirt – Vivere militare est (Size: 3XL) Driada Medical

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Vivere Militare EstTranslation: Every constituent unit of living substance possesses a set of properties that bolster its vigor, for within the battle lies the potential for the revelation of spiritual fortitude, the supreme strength within the realm of the material cosmos.



The motto “Vivere Militare Est” translates to “To Exist is to Wage War

Every cell within living organisms possesses an array of attributes enabling it to withstand the hostile environment. It can be argued that this survival program is inherently embedded within the genome itself, at the very core of life’s existence. We, as integral components of the biological system, are no exception, thus equipped with an extensive arsenal to fight for our right to survive under even the most inhospitable conditions.

Beings born in warmer climates might seem ill-suited for the frigid grip of winter in northern latitudes, but humanity has proven to be among the hardiest of Earth’s inhabitants. They have devised means to not only endure the cold but to erect entire civilizations in such adverse settings.

What lies at the heart of this resilience is the capacity to confront and endure any circumstance. It’s the ability to adapt to the environment through sheer will to survive, personal fortitude, and intelligence. Physically, we may be weaker than many predatory animals of our size and mass, but our strength lies within our inner fortitude, transcending instinct and demonstrating supra-biological attributes thanks to our high intelligence and our remarkable control over our minds.

In doing so, we’ve set ourselves apart as more than mere physiological processes. Our inner strength propels us forward, not just within the realm of life but beyond biology, coexisting with it. Our lives are a continuous struggle. Embracing this struggle sets us on a remarkable path.

Design Specifications:

– Cut: Slim fit
– Collar Type: Crew neck
– Fabric Weight: 140g/m2 (measured in grams per square meter)

Fabric Details:

Polyester is a synthetic material composed of polyester fibers, offering several advantages for polyester t-shirts:

1. Durability: Polyester t-shirts exhibit exceptional durability, remaining resistant to stretching, pilling, and fading. They retain their shape and quality over an extended period.

2. Lightweight: Thanks to its lightweight nature, polyester fabric renders t-shirts comfortable and suitable for warm weather, ensuring they don’t weigh heavily on the body.

3. Quick Drying: Polyester does not absorb moisture, enabling polyester t-shirts to dry rapidly after washing or exposure to water.

4. Resistance to Damage: Polyester exhibits resistance to various types of damage, including rips, punctures, and abrasions, making it an excellent choice for athletic wear or everyday clothing.

5. Easy Care: Polyester t-shirts are low-maintenance and require no special handling. They do not shrink or stretch after washing and are hassle-free to iron.

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