Visa Card and BTC Payment

Before clicking “confirm order”  – Make sure your bitcoin wallet has positive balance or you already registered in exchange and verified account or prepared visa, master card to exchange BTC.

After you click “confirm order”  you will be redirected to the payment page to scan  bitcoin qr code. You can scan qr code by phone or enter bitcoin address manually to make a payment.

How to get bitcoin?

Step 1. (get bitcoins)

To create bitcoin wallet or buy bitcoins, use following exchanges, or any other:

Step 2. (add products to cart)

Add products to the cart, choose bitcoin online as a payment method and click “confirm order”

Step 3. (pay for your order)

Open your bitcoin wallet app on your phone or desktop, scan qr code or enter bitcoin address manually which will be shown on the screen and confirm the payment.

  • Bitcoin can be sent quickly by scanning barcodes, known as qr codes. It’s just a quicker way to share your current bitcoin address.
  • In your phone’s bitcoin wallet, go to the send area. Click the camera icon or ‘scan qr code’.
  • Your wallet will use the camera. Point your phone at a bitcoin qr code to scan it.
  • Your bitcoin wallet should read the code, filling in bitcoin address and amount needed.
  • Check the information. If everything is correct, click send in your bitcoin wallet!
  • Notification will appear after successful payment and your order will be processed.

Why should you use bitcoin?

  • Anonymous payments – bitcoin purchases are discrete.
  • Unless a user voluntarily publishes his bitcoin transactions, his purchases are never associated with his personal identity, much like cash-only purchases, and cannot be traced back to him. In fact, the anonymous bitcoin address that is generated for user purchases changes with each transaction.
  • Your order will be shipped faster – because bitcoin payment processing time is almost immediate, your order will be shipped next day after payment is confirmed. Western union and money gram transactions need time to confirm.
  • No third-party interruptions – governments, banks and other financial organisations have no way to interrupt user transactions or place freezes on bitcoin accounts.
  • Very low transaction fees – costs of transacting are very low. In addition, all bitcoin transaction is  rapid, which makes it a preferable payment method form many users.
  • Mobile payments – bitcoin customers can process their payments from any mobile device anywhere internet is available.