T-Shirt – Vivere militare est (Size: 2XL) Driada Medical

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T-Shirt – Vivere militare est (Size: 2XL) is an Vivere Militare EstTranslation: To Live Is To FightEach cell of a living matter has a number of prop…



Vivere Militare Est

Translation: To Live Is To Fight

Each cell of a living matter has a number of properties that allow it to resist the harmful environment. It can be said that this program for the survival of any living organism is built into the genome itself, into the very deep essence of the existence of life as such. We, as a part of a biological system, are no exception and therefore “rewarded” with a huge arsenal that allows us to fight for the right to survive in any conditions, even the most unsuitable for life. Beings born in the south are not tolerant to the cold conditions of winter – how can they survive in the northern latitudes? But these beings – people, turned out to be the strongest of the representatives of all earthly creatures and there were ways to create conditions for themselves under which they could not only survive the cold, but also build entire empires under these conditions.

What is behind this is the ability to fight and survive in any conditions. Adaptation to the environment through the will to live, character and intelligence. We as a species are much weaker physically than any predatory animal of our size and mass- but our weapons are not limited to muscle strength- we are strong inside, ready to transcend our instincts and manifest supra- biological traits due to high intelligence and the ability to significantly control our minds. But this we have singled out ourselves as something more than a set of physiological processes. Our inner force leading us forward – within life itself and beyond any biology, only interacting with it. Our life is a struggle. By accepting the struggle, we embark on the path of gaining strength, because the struggle is the possibility of manifestations of spiritual strength,

the strength of the highest order in the material universe.


  • Slim fit
  • Сollar type – crew neck
  • GSM (grams per square metre) 140g/m2
Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from polyester fibers, and there are several benefits to using polyester t-shirts:
  • Durability: Polyester t-shirts are extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. They do not stretch, pill, or fade, allowing them to maintain their shape and quality over a longer period of time.
  • Lightweight: Polyester is a lightweight fabric, so polyester t-shirts are comfortable and easy to wear. They do not feel heavy on the body, and are suitable for wear in warmer weather.
  • Quick-drying: Polyester does not absorb moisture, so polyester t-shirts dry quickly after washing or exposure to water.
  • Resistance to many types of damage: Polyester is resistant to many types of damage, such as rips, punctures, and abrasions, making it an excellent choice for athletic wear or everyday clothing.
  • Ease of care: Polyester t-shirts are easy to care for and do not require special attention. They do not shrink or stretch after washing and do not require special care during ironing

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